Sample Custom Code Project

Business Case

A web design company believes it can help funeral homes improve service and reduce costs by putting obituary information on the Internet. This will reduce phone calls concerning funeral arrangements and people doing family tree research.

Initial Design

The web design company puts together an initial design of the web pages the public will see and proposed fields for the database. The web design requires that a pick list be created either using the last 7 to 10 days of obituaries or a lookup by last name, allowing for partial values. The pick list contains name, dates of birth and death, a summary obituary. The detailed obituary page contains the identifying information and can contain several paragraphs of text and a photo. The web design company wants the pages implemented using CSS, so that the look of the pages can be tailored for individual clients without modify the php code. The web design company will be responsible for customizing the appearance of the application. Updating of the obituary information will be done by a password protected Web application.

Detailed Design

Several refinements are made at this stage. A Title field (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.) is added along with a secondary title (junior, IV, etc.). A possible method for simplifying the repetitive entry of the location of the services is considered but rejected to keep development costs down. Research is done on being able to automatically size the photo on the server, it is determined that it isn't reasonable and must be sized before uploading. The method for allowing the funeral home clerk to specify paragraphs of text is agreed on.

Sizzling Web Design creates the database and php.

The number of days to include in the pick list, along with some other configuration information is put in a separate configuration file to make it easily changeable. Initial tests are done on Sizzling Web Design's web server. Database definitions, php code, and installation instructions are turned over to the web design company.

Integration Testing

Test implementation goes as planned. Two minor problems are discovered in integration testing. One a minor code mistake and one a minor correction is needed on the web server to allow uploading and updating of the photos. Both are corrected quickly and easily.


A sample project from start to finish


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