Scripts and Other Products

Sizzling Web Design creates, sells, and supports these scripts and programs:

  • EasyEstimates for creating estimates and complex orders on a Web Site. $40. php and MySQL required.
  • Video Gallery Pro for showing Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-1, and Flash video on a Web Site. $35. php and MySQL required.
  • MySQL to CSV Download for downloading data stored in a MySQL table for use in a PC application, like Microsoft Excel. $10. php and MySQL required.
  • The SPAM Jail for keeping spam off an Invision Power Board forum. Free.
  • Easy Street View and Maps Easily add a Street View or Map to a web page. Free.
  • Qmail Log Reader Easily find if an email send from your web server was delivered. Free.

Enhancement Requests

Feel free to contact Sizzling Web Design with requested enhancements to these scripts and products. Enhancements that are not of general use or cannot wait for the next release can also be purchased as part of the programming services available from Sizzling Web Design.


These scripts are an inexpensive way to professionally add sophisticated features to a web site


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