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One of the difficulties of sending email from a server is that it is difficult to determine if the email was successfully delivered to the target email address. While the qmail log contains the information to know if the email was delivered to the target email's server address, the qmail log is difficult to access for customer service agents and others and also difficult to read. The qmail log reader allows the information in the qmail log to be easily accessible by php/MySQL program and can be easily accessed by customer service and others.

The qmail email log reader includes (1) a program to read the qmail log and save the condensed information in a MySQL table, (2) A similar program as #1 but reads a gz compressed version of the qmail log, (3) the SQL statement to define the MYSQL table to save the results of reading the qmail log, (4) a sample program to query the MySQL table to determine if an email was delivered.

Here's some disclosures: (1) The person implementing this will need to know how to use phpmyadmin to add a MySQL table to a database, (2) understand where the qmail log is stored on the web server, (3) have access to the qmail log, (4) setup a cron task on the server, in most cases, (5) likely want to integrate accessing the MySQL table into an existing application with appropriate security, (6) may need to adjust server permissions to allow the qmail log to be read by this application. The qmail log will indicate whether delivery of an email to a server was successful or not. The email mail not have been actually read because of spam filters or other reasons.

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