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The Spam Jail keeps spam off your Invision Power Board* forum. The Spam Jail identifies 99% of spam and queues it for moderator review. The public never sees the spam posts. Very few legitimate posts are queued. More than just identifying spam and keeping it off your forum, The Spam Jails makes it much easier to manage spam and spammers for forum moderators.

The Spam Jail currently only supports Invision Power Board* 1.3 Final, although it will likely work with 1.x versions of Invision Power Board. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

The Spam Jail works by examining the posts of new members for indications that the post contains spam. If the post appears to contain spam, the post is queued for moderator review. Posts that are queued for moderator review can be approved to appear on the forum or deleted by a moderator. Optionally, the member posting the likely spam can be automatically flagged for hours, days, or permanently so that further posts are also queued for review. The Spam Jail contains changes to Invision Power Board so that moderators can quickly and easily review queued posts and also flag or unflag members as spammers. For more information about how The Spam Jail works, licensing, and possible future enhancements, see Frequently Asked Questions and See The Spam Jail in action.

The Spam Jail was created by Sizzling Web Design which is a subsidiary of  Sizzling Video International

*The Spam Jail is unaffiliated with IPS, Inc. and Hormel Foods.

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